Bristle Brush

Check out the Bristle Beast Boot Brush! It’s the perfect solution for keeping your boots clean while still being able to use your tow bar. Plus, with its tough polypropylene bristles and durable nylon block, this brush can handle whatever outdoor adventures come your way.

Whether you’re a muddy worker, an outdoor enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys a good romp in the dirt, the Bristle Beast has got you covered. And the best part? It’s easy to mount on just about any tow bar with a flat surface underneath. So why not make your next muddy adventure a little less messy with the Bristle Beast brush!

Size of product:
Brush is 250mm x 160mm.
Total length is 400mm long.
Tow ball hole is 26mm.

Price: $235 (Includes free shipping within NZ)
Returns Policy – We offer free returns within 14 days of purchase.


Customer Reviews

My trusty sidekick has saved the day by making my ride cleaner than a whistle. Even the wife seems to be in a better mood. Now that's what I call a winning product. Thank you, Bristle Beast!
James. S
The Bristle Beast should be apart of everyones Health and Safety Regulations. It's like part of our uniform now! The amount of times we used to slip on the accelerator, she's a life saver!
Dan. M
Wish we'd got the Bristle Beast ages ago! We're finally free from scrubbing the carpet every darned weekend! The other fellas are just as smitten as I am - wish they'd get their own!
Tamihana. J